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VPS Services Schedule


This is a Schedule for the terms of All Green Hosting UK Limited. This Schedule is clearly defined for VPS Services Schedule as per the outline on our website.



Definition of terms:

“VPS Services”

Refers to the services we offer to our clients where we offer them with a virtual private server. Clients can use a virtual computer to access limited server functions. The VPS services we offer have been outlined on our website and can be updated regularly; and

“VPS Services Cost”

Refers to the cost payable for VPS Services provision.



The VPS Services Cost: The VPS Services Cost are outlined on our website and upon purchasing our package.

Refund: You reserve the right to ask for a refund, if you aren’t impressed by the VPS Services we are offering for the first 30 days of Purchase Acceptance, start by canceling the Agreement and a full refund of the VPS Service Cost will be given.



Term of this Schedule: This Schedule shall start on the specific date you purchase your package and shall continue until terminated in accordance with the terms and conditions.


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