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Compliance Services Schedule


This is a Schedule for the terms of All Green Hosting UK Limited. The Schedule is intended for use for all our Compliance Services provisions as a company, and as outlined below.




Definition of terms:

“Compliance Services”

Refers to the services offered to customers where we test and analyse PCI-DSS compliance in deference of Hybrid Servers or Hybrid VPS, Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Cloud, VPS; and

“Compliance Services Fees”

Refers to fee paid by client for Compliance Services provision.




What we offer: The Compliance Services addresses the issues of server security with checks if the server will pass PCI-DSS network penetration test. After offering the Compliance Services we are able to determine to what extent security hardening should be implemented. Upon ascertaining the level of security hardening required, it is easier for the servers to pass the penetration testing phase.

Limited warranty: As a company we provide Compliance Services with a warranty. The warranty isn’t long term as the PCI-DSS compliance necessities change from time to time. We advise that penetration testing is done regularly to ensure that the servers are secure even after security hardening.




Compliance Services Fees: The Compliance Services Cost has been clearly outline on our website and will reflect when you make an order.  




Term of this Schedule:  The Schedule starts when you make your order from our website and, unless terminated shall continue until a time when your order or package shall expire, unless otherwise communicated from us.

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