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SSL Certificate Services Schedule


This is a Schedule for the terms of All Green Hosting UK Limited. This Schedule is clearly defined for SSL Certificate Services Schedule as per the outline on our website.




Definition of terms:

“SSL Certificate Services”

Refers to the services we offer to our clients ensuring the website has a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate (also known as “SSL Certificate”) which helps enforce encryption between service providers and service requestors, and

“SSL Certificate Services Cost”

Refers to the cost payable for SSL Certificate Services provision.




The SSL Certificate Services Cost: The SSL Certificate Cost is outlined on our website upon purchasing our SSL package.




No warranty:  We use several third party Certification Authorities to issue SSL Certificates (the “SSL Certificate Certification Authority”) for us. We do not warrant that:

 an order for issue or renewal of a SSL Certificate will be accepted by the relevant SSL Certificate Certification Authority; or

 any attempt to issue or renew an SSL certificate will be successful;

and, we shall not bare any liability if any SSL Certificate infringes the Intellectual Property Rights, or any other rights, of any third party, or is used improperly when facilitating an encrypted link between the providers of a resource or service and the service requestors

Third party warranty: Any warranty offered by the SSL Certificate Certification Authority as part of the SSL Certificate shall be the sole responsibility of the said SSL Certificate Certification Authority and shall not be interpreted as a warranty offered by us.

We are resellers: We resell the SSL Certificate Services to you. We use a third party provider to provide the SSL Certificate Services, and, if you submit a Purchase Order for the SSL Certificate Services, you agree to the third party’s terms and conditions.

Renewals: You are responsible to ensure that any SSL Certificates that are issued as part of the Services are renewed when necessary and all relevant renewal cost are paid.

Authentication of SSL Certificates: When you apply for the SSL Certificate and place your Order, the Website will inform you whether you are applying for a fully-authenticated certificate or not:




Term of this Schedule: This Schedule shall commence on the date of the relevant Order Acceptance and the SSL Certificate shall be valid for its applicable validity period unless earlier revoked pursuant to this Schedule.


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