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Connect with your colleagues and work on team projects wherever you are.

Starting at £29.99/mo*

Regularly £59.99  36/mo term

Secure, reliable and fast website hosting.

Business email can be more than just a mailbox.

It can be a virtual office where all the teamwork and online meetings happen. You can create and edit documents there – alone, or in collaboration with your team. The secure cloud solution is accessible anywhere you are and is great for remote work.


Signature-based AntiVirus, online CYREN AntiSpam, and AGH Authenticator for two-factor authentication. Multi-layered security meets the world’s most stringent industry standards and legislation.

Smart multitasking

Compose multiple emails while chatting with a coworker, reviewing a document or searching through TeamChat rooms. All of this was during a conference call.


Know immediately if you can accept a proposed meeting. An interactive invite dialogue shows an overview of your schedule around the indicated time.

Administer & customize

Manage your domains and user accounts using multi-tenant architecture. Configure DKIM to avoid email spoofing and enhance security. Set up DNS records with the relevant DRF file or use white labelling options.

Documents. All your productivity needs covered.

Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. Comprehensive office suite for your team to get their job done remotely or while sitting at the same desk. Collaborative editing, history overview, changes tracking and in-document TeamChat stream included.

Create & collaborate on Office documents.

Create and edit documents in Office formats and collaborate with your team in real time. Open email attachments, edit and instantly send them back to the sender. Desktop Office suite is also available.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint

WebDocuments seamlessly work with native Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file formats. Advanced features like pivot tables, macros & controls are also supported.

Collaborative editing

Work on documents with your colleagues in real-time as if they were sitting at the same desk. Swift discussion over edits can be carried out in a chat panel right in the edited document.

Share without limits

Click the Share button, select sharing options and you’re good to go. We guarantee all recipients can read or edit documents as if they were your internal company users.


Track history of changes as well as ongoing changes in documents. Switch between views to see original and edited versions. Accept or reject changes and share the reviewed file for a final sign-off.

Conferences, meet face-to-face.

Secure conferencing that runs in the browser, without installing anything.
Conferences support up to 200 participants. Handy gadgets like screen sharing,
real-time chat or moderator are included.


Record your meetings to the cloud and share the video with colleagues who missed it. In order to not forget the recording of the conference, you can auto-enable recording during scheduling your conference.

Conferences on the move

Work literally everywhere. Now you can join meeting in your car via Apple Carplay or Android Auto both on iOS and Android.

Free access for all

Every AllGreen user can start a conference and invite their colleagues or non-AllGreen users. Invitees can join for free with no registration needed.

High security mode

End-to-end encryption and password protection make joining your conference impossible for unauthorized attendees. High-security mode prevents recording and will be available this fall.

Choose a plan that suits you.


Highly cost-saving plan with basic features.


25GB Email, 20GB File storage


Hosted Email
Enhanced security of your data.
Collaborative editing
Real-time document editing with colleagues.
Antispam and Antivirus protection.
Basic Conferencing
Up to 5 attendees.


Everything you need for your work.


50GB Email, 1TB File storage


All benefits from Lite

Desktop & mobile communication app with free guest access.

Mobile sync
Exchange Active Sync.

Advanced Conferencing
Up to 200 attendees.


All-in-one plan with full features and services.


100GB Email, 5TB File storage


All benefits from Standard

Desktop Apps
Desktop Client & Desktop Office.

Migration to
All Green is easy.

Our team makes sure you are up and running within hours.


Dedicated support.

We are always available to assist you if you require it.

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