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The dedicated headquarters of your online empire.

Hosting your website on one of our Linux servers gives you more power to grow your business. It’s the ultimate in speed, flexibility, and full control.

Choose the right plan for your next project

No matter how many sites or how many you build, our plans are tailored to your particular needs.


More storage means more room to play


Top Features

CPU: 1 x 2.6 GHz


20 GB SSD Storage

1 IP Address

Bandwidth 4 TB



More storage means more room to play


Top Features

CPU: 1 x 2.6 GHz


40 GB SSD Storage

1 IP Address

Bandwidth 2 TB


The perfect pairing of power and resources


Top Features

CPU: 2 x 2.6 GHz


80 GB SSD Storage

1 IP Address

Bandwidth 8 TB

The server is virtual. Your freedom to build is very real.

With its impressive raw computing power, full root access and fully dedicated server resources, it enables developers, designers or system administrators to build without limitation.


Multi-Server Management

You can add more VPS, shared or dedicated services to your account and manage everything in one location.


Access Control

Create specific access passwords such as ownership, server management or a master password for all.


Root Access

Create unlimited file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts to upload, download or modify files on your virtual server.

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If you’re looking for control, you just found it.

Our VPS hosting lets you build unbelievable websites on the driver’s seat with the tools and resources.

Host unlimited domains and websites

Fill your VPS with capacity, dividing your server environment in full and organising it as you please.

Dedicated Power

Your server resources are yours and the RAM, CPU and storage are provided for every plan to complete.

One simple dashboard

Every tool to manage, analyse and evaluate your websites is available on one VPS dashboard which is easy to use.

Unlimited Bandwidth

There are no restrictions on the traffic of your VPS web sites so long as our Acceptable Use Policy is complied with.

24/7 VPS Support

No matter what kind of question you have, we’ve likely handled it before.
Our team of experts are always ready to assist you.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

We supply all the virtual private servers with powerful SSD hard drives for fast lightning performance much faster than standard SATA drives.

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24/7 Dedicated hosting support

We are always available to assist you if you require it.

International calling fees may apply


What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual private server hosting, known as VPS hosting, is an environment for the hosting of websites that can devote resources like RAM or CPU to your account.
This happens when a dedicated server is virtualized and the resources are divided among users on the server.

What are VPS Hosting Benefits?

The resources on your VPS web hosting account are guaranteed for the users.
This means that the set amount of RAM, CPU or disc space you’ve chosen is always assigned to your account, regardless of what other server users do. This enables your website to be more stable and effective. You also don’t share the Operating System with other users to give your website files better security.

What is the difference between Shared vs VPS Hosting?

Users of shared hosting share the server resources that their websites are hosted on.
RAM or CPU with shared hosting cannot be guaranteed. In contrast to the VPS package, shared hosting also doesn’t give full root access to the server, where users have full root access to perform commands and make changes to their hosting environment.

How do I get started with VPS Hosting?

With All Green Hosting as your VPS hosting provider, getting started with VPS hosting is simple.
Simply select one of our Standard, Enhanced, or Ultimate VPS hosting packages based on the resources your website requires and follow the sign-up steps. You can quickly upgrade to extra resources from your client dashboard once you have an account.

Let’s really build something special.

All Green Hosting Virtual Private Server Hosting gives you the power, flexibility, and control you need.

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