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High performance AMD Ryzen Processors

Perfect for when you need multiple computing cores.

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NVMe / SSD (High I/O): This type of hard drive is characterized by fast read and write speeds.


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AX-High IO scores


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AX-High IO scores


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AX-High IO scores


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AX-High IO scores


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AX-High IO scores

CPU AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600 AMD Ryzen™ 7 3700X AMD Ryzen™ 9 3900 AMD Ryzen™ 9 5950X AMD EPYC™ 7502P
CPU-Details Hexa-Core Matisse (Zen2) Simultaneous Multithreading Virtualization (AMD-V) Octa-Core Matisse (Zen2) Simultaneous Multithreading Virtualization (AMD-V) 12 Core Matisse (Zen2) Simultaneous Multithreading Virtualization (AMD-V) 16 Core Vermeer (Zen3) Simultaneous Multithreading Virtualization (AMD-V) 32 Core Rome (Zen2) Simultaneous Multithreading Virtualization (AMD-V)
RAM 64 GB DDR4 64 GB DDR4 ECC 128 GB DDR4 ECC 128 GB DDR4 ECC The memory can optionally be increased up to max. 1024 GB DDR4 ECC (at additional cost)
SATA SSD optionally configurable (at additional cost)
NVMe SSD 2 x 512 GB 2 x 1 TB 2 x 1.92 TB 2 x 3.84 TB optionally configurable (at additional cost)
Connection 1 Gbit/s-Port
Guaranteed bandwidth 1 Gbit/s

Traffic usage inclusive Unlimited
Free internal traffic
Primary IPv4 1 1 1 1 1
IPv6 subnet (/64)
Full root access
Reverse DNS administration
Wake on LAN
Image installer

Total bandwidth 19.13 Tbit
Network availability min. 99.9%
DDoS protection
Redundant network
Juniper routing technology
High-speed access to all Internet uplinks
24/7 monitoring

Remote Hands £20 (1/4 h)

Minimum contract period none
Cancellation period 30 days to the end of the month
Possible payment methods bank transfer, credit card, Paypal and SEPA direct debit for accounts from SEPA countries
Data Processing Agreement optional

*¹ AX score: This value is based on the specifications of each product. The score is only used to make comparisons between other products in the same category.

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