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Backup Services Schedule


This is a Backup Services Schedule for All Green Hosing UK. The Schedule is intended for all the Backup Services which we offer as defined below.



Definition of terms:

“Backup Services”

This is the service that we provide to our customers and we provide a backup customer manual, when asked to do so by our customers while providing VPS Services or Dedicated Server Services, with regards to this Agreement, and

“Backup Services Fees”

The amount payable to us for Backup Services provision.




The Backup Services: Have you subscribed to our Backup Services when ordering for our VPS or Dedicated Server Services, we offer day to day backups for your data as part of the package.

What we backup: Backup is done with regard to how data is sent to our servers. It is your sole responsibility to examine and verify the accuracy of all the data that we hold for you on our server from time to time and report in case of inaccuracy. The Backup Services has no guarantee or warrant as it is done for your own convenience. In the event, the Backup Services we provide isn’t enough you can opt to use a third party Backup Service.

Timeframe for restoration of data: Restoration of data is done on request for the location requested. Your responsibility is to ensure that the restoration location doesn’t contain any previous data. We shall use less than two business days to ensure restoration is done, but not guaranteed.




The Backup Services Fees: All the Backup Services Fee are vividly shown on the website and is visible when submitting your order.

Payment: All payments of the Backup Services Fees shall be made by you in accordance with the Terms of Use unless expressly agreed between the Parties in writing.




Term of this Schedule: This Schedule shall commence on the date of the relevant Order Acceptance and shall continue in full force and effect until terminated in accordance with our policy.


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