Updated – Dec 21st, 2021

Last Friday, a critical system vulnerability with Log4j was uncovered that has the potential to result in remote code execution against applications.

Since this announcement, All Green Hosting’ Security, Engineering, and Quality Assurance teams have been working around the clock to identify all applications using Log4j and mitigate the identified vulnerability; critical component updates were made over the weekend for All Green Hosting’ entire portfolio, including fibre internet, domains, hosting, emails and mobile services enablement.

After thorough testing, we can confirm that none of All Green Hosting ’ data or systems was compromised and that our entire ecosystem remained secure. The All Green Hosting Domains Compliance team will continue to mitigate the worldwide damage by disabling reported domains that are taking advantage of the Log4j vulnerability.

At this time, We advise all customers to reset all of their passwords and limit the amount of access to the website admin panels.

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